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Sandra Navarro is a Spanish illustrator based in Barcelona. Since her first years working on children’s books, she has been working under the pseudonym Lalalimola, but now she is using her own name.

Sandra’s illustrations are full of life; from witty editorial pieces to vibrant advertising ones. Her minimal style combines the predominance of expressive black strokes with touches of bright colours. All this, turning complex into simple and at the same time, putting a smile on people’s faces. But it isn’t all roses – sensitive and critical issues affecting us and our lovely planet are also themes which Sandra deals with in her work.

She is interested in emotions and how we deal (or sometimes fight) with them. She likes to create universal and neutral beings. There is always a character in Sandra’s illustrations. It can be a human being, animal or object; it doesn’t matter, all of them can have emotions and a bad day at work, just like us.

She studied Advertising and Fine Arts. She worked as a graphic designer and she also taught in the Drawing Department of Fine Arts at Polytechnic University of Valencia.


Sandra is mainly focused on covers, articles, and spot illustrations for editorial commissions. Her illustrations have been featured in The Guardian, El País, Harvard Business Review, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, The Economist, The New York Times, Die Zeit, Monocle, Architectural Digest, among others.

Additionally, she has collaborated on branding, advertising, and publishing projects for clients like Penguin Random House, Oxford University Press, Simon & Schuster, Hunter Boots, Nitty Gritty Stores, Warby Parker, Santa & Cole, Baur au Lac Hotel, and Fortnum & Mason.


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What Nice People Say

“The illustrations of Lalalimola are alive; her characters, sometimes defined with just two lines, move through the page with the tranquility of living in their own world, in movement and even when we stop looking at them. Her work is detailed, her colors are fun, her style invites the reader to play … and she is very rigorous with the deadlines!

It’s a pleasure to work with her and her drawings never cease to amaze me.”

Diego Areso
Art Director at El País

“Sandra is a true collaborator, equipped with a rich and diverse creative background. Sandra not only understands our ideas, concepts and themes, but greatly improves on them. From thoughtful and sensitive, to witty and humorous — Sandra’s work runs the gamut; notably with a refined flair and craft at the heart. All of this makes Sandra a delight to work with, underpinned by her fantastic attention to detail and always cordial, calm and considered communication.”

Chris Clarke
Creative Director at The Guardian

“Sandra’s illustrations are the perfect combination of wit and style. Her clever illustrations have an energy to them which engage with our readers. She’s quick to respond and always meets deadlines.

An absolute pleasure to work with!”

Maria Hamer
Senior Designer at Monocle
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